Welcome! I'm Sandra Juto, a Swedish lady located in Berlin, Germany. Everything I sell in this online shop is made in my studio by me and I'm in charge for the whole process; from creating the idea, making the product, packing it and shipping it to you. My most sold products are the Wrist Worms and from time to time I sell illustration and photography prints, handmade soft toys (Buttcrack Characters), granny square blankets, iPhone cases etc. Check back for more if the product you search for is not available at the moment. Also, keep updated via my blog where I present new products in the shop. I'm also a frequent Instagram user, my user name is sandrajuto.

cargocollective.com/sandrajuto is my online portfolio
sandrajuto.blogspot.com is my blog
and a contact form :)

All products in this shop are made in a fur- and smokefree environment.

Thanks a lot for stopping by and welcome back.
Cheers to you all!

Sandra Juto